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Latest Writings

NOB 39: Booming Plexiglass Industry, Automated Trucking, Hemp Banking and More

By Tyee |

The None of Our Businesses crew gather to discuss publicising Trump’s tax records, the Big Four potentially being split in the UK, automated trucking, banking for hemp businesses, the booming plexiglass industry, alternative financing strategies, and the U.S. possibly banning TikTok and other Chinese apps. Trump’s taxes – Big Four split – Auto…

Podcast: Stimulus Checks

By Tyee |

The crew discusses the delay in distribution of stimulus checks out to September. Roundtable Discussion from None of Our Businesses Episode 22

Podcast: Busy Shaq

By Tyee |

The crew examine what Shaquille O’Neal is up to and why he’s been missing Papa Johns board meetings. Roundtable Discussion from None of Our Businesses Episode 22

Podcast: Missing Deadlines

By Tyee |

The crew discusses missing deadlines as a reason clients may choose to fire an accounting firm. Part 5 of 10 From None of Our Businesses Episode 16

Podcast: How do businesses evaluate the quality of accountants?

By Tyee |

The crew discuss why accounting firms may be fired due to insufficient expertise and they discuss how well equipped clients may or may not be to make that decision. Part 4 of 10 From None of Our Businesses Episode 16

Business income limit for individuals claiming the research credit

By Tyee |

The federal tax credit for increasing research activities (research credit) provides a permanent tax benefit for many kinds of businesses. For many companies the credit can be a substantial tax savings. However, subsection (g) of the tax code (IRC 41) brings a significant limitation to owners of sole proprietorships and flow-through entities, like LLCs taxed…

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