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Books for Entrepreneurs

Street Smarts – I’m now a Norm Brodsky fan

One my favorite reads in the last 12 months was Street Smarts, by Norm Brodsky and Bo Burlingham.  The two write a column by the same name in Inc. magazine although I’ve never read that. The book was full of very practical advice from starting up to keeping your customers, but what I appreciated most was…

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Start with Why – Inspiring your Business

Simon Sinek’s, Start with Why, had the biggest impact on my own business.  “People don’t buy what you do; People buy why you do it.”  That statement made me think deeply about why I do the work I do and how I would communicate that to others.  I find his message inspiring when I consider how…

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The Icarus Deception – Preachy but Inspiring

My interest in all things Entrepreneurial has led me to reading 2-3 books a month on marketing, sales and technology related topics.  When I say “read” half the time I really mean listen too, using Amazon’s Audible service.  One of my recent reads was, “The Icarus Deception,” by Seth Godin.  I am a big fan…

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