POP 58: Credit Card Internal Controls, Upgrading Donors, Nonprofit CRM, Funding Models,

The Profitless on Purpose Podcast is all about news and discussion on non-profits, hosted by AJ Wheeler, Mark Palardy. This week we talk about modeling the upgrade propensity of donors, challenges of developing a new CRM for your nonprofit, looking at various funding models leaders can implement at their organization, and a discussion on best practices for credit card internal controls.

You can watch POP Episode 58 here - https://youtu.be/S64BOtjM-SY

Upgrading Donors - https://www.philanthropydaily.com/donor-modeling-for-upgrade-propensity/

Nonprofit CRM - https://nonprofithub.org/is-anything-scarier-than-a-new-nonprofit-crm/

Funding Models - https://ssir.org/articles/entry/ten_nonprofit_funding_models

Profitless on Purpose Episode 58, August 2022

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